Free Postpartum Clinic

Delivering new life into the world is nothing short of amazing. The female body endures a lot through this process and needs adequate recovery time to allow for best healing. Many women have expressed their desires for further medical guidance to help them through this recovery process. At Pouzol Physical Therapy we have heard your pleas for help and have created a FREE postpartum clinic to help guide women through the best recovery process after they have delivered a baby.

The program includes a 30 min session with one of our highly valued and well trained pelvic floor physical therapists. The therapist will take the time to listen to any concerns you have and provide education and guidance specific to your goals. A short assessment may be performed to determine your baseline strength, endurance, flexibility and stability.

To qualify you need to have been cleared by your physician to resume physical activity (most women are cleared by 6-8wks after delivery). Once you have been cleared you simply call our office at 207.990.2050 and ask to be scheduled for the free postpartum consultation visit.

If we determine during the visit that you may benefit from further physical therapy sessions we would then recommend you have your doctor send us a referral to get you started with regularly scheduled physical therapy visits.

Educating yourself about recovery and how to protect yourself will also benefit the health of your family’s health and well-being.

"For a sophisticated and finest physical therapy and for the warmest and most effective encouragement you can't find a better guidance then at Pouzol Physical Therapy. "

- Ansley Throckmorton

"I highly recommend Teri Carr, PT. She is an extraordinary physical therapist and care giver. Her years of experience and constant continued learning make her an absolute expert. She is such a caring person and very effective. She works with her patients to find a plan that will work for them. She focuses on pelvic floor issues – including nerves in the pelvis. She is the only expert listed for the state of Maine for pudendal neuralgia. I am so lucky to have her as my therapist.

The staff here is also excellent. Everyone is upbeat and helpful, from the owner (Doug) to the support staff (Katie). I’ll never go anywhere else for physical therapy! "

- Robin T.

"Teri Carr and the crew at Pouzol's Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful with dealing with my health issues. The Pelvic Floor therapy for my abdominal pain has increased my quality of life twofold and when I had back issues last year Teri helped me with pre and post surgery pain and recovery. The atmosphere there is a place of healing and the people are all very friendly and I consider them as friends. I would recommend them to everyone and come to think of it I have. "

- Tammy Light

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