With the holidays and end of the year nearing, stress is a commonality for many people. Headaches, tight neck and upper back muscles, and difficulty sleeping come with the stress and activities associated with this time of year. Some of these activities include wrapping presents, shoveling, yard work, and driving to stores or loved ones … Continue reading Headaches

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Groin Pain

The groin involves many structures such as muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Groin pain can follow surgical procedures such as a hernia repair. It can also occur due to hip pathology such as degenerative changes in the hip joint. Women who are pregnant can experience groin pain if their pelvic stability is compromised. People of any … Continue reading Groin Pain

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Pain During Pelvic Exams and Sexual Intercourse

Pelvic floor physical therapists often perform internal pelvic exams. One of the common questions we ask someone is if they have pain during pelvic exams to determine how to best approach performing one. Many women respond yes to this question and we begin investigating. Later, we may learn that this person also suffers from pain … Continue reading Pain During Pelvic Exams and Sexual Intercourse

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Tailbone Pain

The tailbone is located at the very end of your spine. It is the bony tip felt at the beginning of the gluteals creases. People often experience tailbone pain after falling and landing on it. Other causes of tailbone pain occur with prolonged sitting habits that create extra pressure and weight on the tailbone. Childbirth … Continue reading Tailbone Pain

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Pregnancy Related Back Pain

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes. The process is both amazing and challenging. Many women often experience back pain, pelvic pain, or abdominal discomfort during the baby’s development. Some of the causes of this pain can be obvious and some are more complicated. The baby is taking up space inside the abdomen and … Continue reading Pregnancy Related Back Pain

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Abdominal Pain

Many people suffer from abdominal pain. This type of pain can involve the entire abdomen or specific parts such as the lower left side, central, or around incision sites from previous surgeries. The cause of the pain can also vary. Some examples of common causes include: issues with digestion, food sensitivities, bloating, constipation, and scars … Continue reading Abdominal Pain

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