New Medicare Cards

Medicare has started to release new cards that are no longer social security numbers with an alpha character at the end. These cards will be a mix of alpha numeric and will be randomly generated by Medicare itself. Please make sure when you get this new card you bring it to your next appointment so … Continue reading New Medicare Cards

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Postpartum Physical Therapy

Postpartum refers to the time period when the female body is recovering from delivering a child. During pregnancy the body goes through many changes to allow for carrying and delivering a child and these changes can contribute to how the mother feels postpartum. During pregnancy the body experiences hormonal changes and repositioning of the pelvic … Continue reading Postpartum Physical Therapy

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New Insurance

With the changing of the year comes the changing of most insurance companies. Please make sure when coming to an appointment to have your new insurance card ready, or the name of the insurance and ID number. You can also fax and/or email your information over if that would be more convenient for you. Being … Continue reading New Insurance

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When Things Fall Down – They Can Get Back Up Again

There are many people in the world who experience prolapse of a pelvic organ. Prolapse simply means an organ has moved lower than its optimal position and pressure results. This condition can happen in women involving the bladder, rectum, and uterus and in men involving the bladder and rectum. When the bladder descends from its … Continue reading When Things Fall Down – They Can Get Back Up Again

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The Sampling Response

I recently participated in continuing education for topics surrounding bowel dysfunction and male pelvic floor conditions. During the course, one of the topics discussed was the “Sampling Response.” This response involves the process of experiencing an urge to have a bowel movement or pass gas and then deciding when the appropriate time is to evacuate … Continue reading The Sampling Response

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Home Exercise

Physical therapist and patients need to work together as a team. In my recent visits with patients I have been pleased with how well these teams work. As physical therapists we can provide care however, without the patient commitment to his/her own care, what I do is far less effective. At times a home program … Continue reading Home Exercise

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Help Streamline Your Appointment

To help stream line your appointment at Pouzol Physical Therapy, please remember for your first visit to have the following information: If you were mailed the registration paperwork please have it filled out, if not please plan on arriving 10 minutes early to fill out the paperwork. If you have a list of medications please … Continue reading Help Streamline Your Appointment

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Motivation to Improve

One of the best aspects of my job is the motivation and work I see from our patients to improve. Patients who are hurting, weak or rehabilitating from surgery all have a clear belief that physical therapy is going get them participating in their whole lives and not just their treating a specific injury or … Continue reading Motivation to Improve

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The World According to Jill: Bending the Rules can Break Your Back!

Do you find yourself letting off the accelerator when you notice your friendly neighborhood police officer out on patrol? Unfortunately, many of us neglect to do what we know is right until we find ourselves in a bit of trouble. This can be true as we become involved in a busy workday and overlook some … Continue reading The World According to Jill: Bending the Rules can Break Your Back!

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The World According to Katie:

Have a question about your insurance coverage? Call your insurance company, they will be able to answer any of your questions effectively and give you detailed information about deductibles, and coinsurance. Of course we are here to help you but our resources are limited due to HIPPA regulations.

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"For a sophisticated and finest physical therapy and for the warmest and most effective encouragement you can't find a better guidance then at Pouzol Physical Therapy. "

- Ansley Throckmorton

"I highly recommend Teri Carr, PT. She is an extraordinary physical therapist and care giver. Her years of experience and constant continued learning make her an absolute expert. She is such a caring person and very effective. She works with her patients to find a plan that will work for them. She focuses on pelvic floor issues – including nerves in the pelvis. She is the only expert listed for the state of Maine for pudendal neuralgia. I am so lucky to have her as my therapist.

The staff here is also excellent. Everyone is upbeat and helpful, from the owner (Doug) to the support staff (Katie). I’ll never go anywhere else for physical therapy! "

- Robin T.

"Teri Carr and the crew at Pouzol's Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful with dealing with my health issues. The Pelvic Floor therapy for my abdominal pain has increased my quality of life twofold and when I had back issues last year Teri helped me with pre and post surgery pain and recovery. The atmosphere there is a place of healing and the people are all very friendly and I consider them as friends. I would recommend them to everyone and come to think of it I have. "

- Tammy Light

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