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Back & Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain Pain and injury of the spine can be especially challenging, leading to a great loss in daily function. Back and neck pain can result from an accident or injury, or be a result of longtime overuse or chronic pain syndromes. At Pouzol Physical Therapy, we find that you do not need to cause pain to improve mobility and function of the spine. We pride ourselves in addressing the root of the problem by not only providing specific localized treatment but also helping our clients to make lifestyle modifications that will help prevent recurrence of symptoms. Our goal is to provide the information and means to promote lifelong health of the spine.

Treatment of conditions related with injury to the back and neck will be based on assessment of postural alignment, muscle tone, sensation, walking pattern, range of motion, and strength. During the initial evaluation, the patient provides essential information to guide treatment goals that are both meaningful and attainable. The therapist will then develop a treatment plan to address impairments identified during the initial evaluation with an ultimate goal of helping the patient to return to his or her prior level of function.  

Treatment often includes: use of modalities and mobilization to address pain and inflammation. We also help to progress flexibility, stability, endurance, and strength via a personalized therapeutic exercise program. Patients often benefit from functional training to improve body mechanics when completing challenging activities of daily living like lifting, stair climbing, getting in and out of bed, transferring in and out of a vehicle, or standing from a sitting position.

We also discuss ergonomic concerns as it pertains to workstation setup to decrease pain associated with prolonged positioning or overuse at work or at home. Each patient is counseled regarding beneficial physical activity to improve spine health and overall wellness in addition to their customized home exercise program.

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